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Medications for pain, your birth control pills or those tablets you bought for your trip …three years ago. Those used sharps needed for a health condition in your household.  If you look in your medicine cabinet, chances are you'll find medications and sharps that are expired or that you no longer need.

You can return these medications and sharps to a pharmacy in your community through programs offered by the health products industries called the Island Medications Return Program (IMRP) and the Island Sharps Collection Program (ISCP). When you drop off your medications and sharps, you'll not only ensure they're disposed of properly – you'll also keep them out of the wrong hands, preventing misuse or accidental ingestion and needle stick injuries – and protect our environment in the process.

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Island Medications Return Program (IMRP)

The IMRP covers all prescription drugs, medications such as over-the-counter medications, including topical antibiotic and antifungal creams and natural health products, such as vitamins and minerals, traditional Chinese medicines, herbal products, probiotics, amino acids, homeopathic medicines and the like are also included.

Tips for Safe Storage and Disposal of Pharmaceuticals

  • Keep medicine away from children and pets, out of sight and out of reach.
  • Keep medicines in a cool dry place away from direct light - a good suggestion is in a box that can be locked or a high shelf (the cabinet in the bathroom is the worst place to keep your medicines - it gets too damp and too warm).
  • Keep medicines in their original labelled container and keep the cap closed.
  • Do not store medicines with food or household products.
  • At least once a year go through all the medicines to remove unwanted drugs and return to a pharmacy for proper disposal
  • Never dispose of pharmaceuticals by washing them down the drain, placing them in your compost cart, waste cart or blue bags, or flushing them down the toilet. Return them to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Island Sharps Collection Program (ISCP)

The ISCP covers needles, needle tips, syringes, insulin pens, lancets, and other used sharps.

Visit any participating pharmacy to pick-up an approved sharps container, free of charge.



The Island Medications Return Program and the Island Sharps Collection Program are administered by the Health Products Stewardship Association and funded by brand-owners selling medications and sharps in Prince Edward Island. These programs provide the health products industries with a collective means of adhering to the requirements of the Prince Edward Island Environmental Protection Act Materials Stewardship and Recycling Regulations (link).

BC Medications Return Program Plan- Consultation Notice
April 17, 2019 The Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA) is conducting public consultations on the renewal of its Stewardship Plan for...


Note: Any of the following items that are unused, expired, in questionable condition, or missing labels

  • All Prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications, oral dosage
  • Natural health products, oral dosage

Not Accepted

Please check with your pharmacist or household hazardous waste events for other products

  • Sharps, needles or syringes
  • Cosmetics
  • Empty pill bottles