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The Alberta's Pharmacists’ Association’s (RxA) ENVIRx program recognizes the important relationship between Albertans' health and the environment. Through ENVIRx, pharmacists promote safe and effective drug use while giving Albertans an opportunity to return unused and expired medications to their community pharmacy. These medications are collected by pharmacies and incinerated at certified locations. Please visit for more information.


Funding Mechanism

The Alberta's Pharmacists’ Association’s (RxA) ENVIRx program is administered by Alberta Pharmacists’ Association. Health products industries provides financial contributions to the program.

Consumers can return old/unused medication at any participating community pharmacies across Alberta. There is no fees to consumers associated with the program.

For more information on medications and their disposal, talk to your pharmacist or call the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association at (780) 990-0326.


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Note: Any of the following items that are unused, expired, in questionable condition, or missing labels

  • All Prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications, oral dosage
  • Natural health products, oral dosage

Not Accepted

Please check with your pharmacist or household hazardous waste events for other products

  • Sharps, needles or syringes
  • Cosmetics
  • Empty pill bottles