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hpsaAdmin posted on Wed, May 15, 2013

Toronto's Prescription Drug Drop-Off Day nets nearly 200 kilograms

Five locations across the city were available for members of the public to dispose of any unwanted or expired medication in a safe and secure way. The different amounts collected at the different locations amassed a grand total of more than 196 kilograms. If you missed Prescription Drop Off day, it is not too late. There are 3, 000 pharmacies in Ontario collecting medications and prescriptions at any time.

hpsaAdmin posted on Thu, May 09, 2013

Health Products Stewardship Association


When the Post-Consumer Pharmaceutical Stewardship Association (PCPSA) was established in 1999, it was done to educate consumers and collect unused or expired pharmaceutical. Since then, the association has grown to accept all medications and since 2013, we also administer a program for sharp devices in Ontario. Simply put, we have outgrown our name.

To that end, as of May 1st 2013, we will formally transitioned our association name from the PCPSA  to "Health Products Stewardship Association."  The programs name will continue as "Medications Return Program” and ”Sharps Return Program”.

hpsaAdmin posted on Sun, Jul 08, 2012

Why Recycling Medication Matters

The Medications Return Program encourages British Columbians to responsibly dispose of expired or unused medications.

Why is this important?

Unused medications left at home or tossed in the garbage, can be found by children and animals and abused by youth or street users.  Tossing down the toilet or the drain is not recommended.

Is this really a problem?

Prescription pain medications have replaced heroin as the main drug of choice for street users. As well, youth are increasingly turning to friends, relatives, or their home medicine cabinets and misusing prescription drugs.

What can I do?