Association pour la Récupération de Produits Santé

National Medications Take-back Campaign


HPSA and DRUG FREE KIDS CANADA join forces to deliver the largest national medications take-back campaign titled "LOCK UP OR TURN IN YOUR DRUGS"


Why you should join:

  • To keep our kids safe.  Over 300,000 Canadian teens are misusing prescription drugs.
  • To protect our environment. One third of households are disposing of their prescription drugs by flushing them in the toilet or throwing them in the garbage.
  • To engage your customers.  More clients returning leftover medicines means more potential buying customers.  To associate your brand as supporting a worthy a cause and demonstrating environmental stewardship.

To download highly compelling advertising campaign material aimed at raising parents' awareness of the dangers of misuse of prescription drugs (Opiates) by teenagers, you must register your pharmacy.  It is very simple and will provide us with information for the next national campaign in the fall of 2018.


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