Health Products Stewardship Association

ON Service and Supply Request


  • A courier vehicle will be dispatched to perform the supply and pickup at your location within 10 business days.  Supply and pickup may be done by separate couriers at different times.

  • The courier may require you to place a label with your location's name and address on the containers and boxes before accepting them.

  • A minimum of four (4) items is required to schedule a pickup. Containers and boxes must be full before requesting a pickup (no more than 23kg per container).

  • Please keep a copy of the automated email receipt and the associated courier receipt on file at your location.

Pharmacy Information

Make sure the information below matches the pharmacy's shipping information.

Requester's Information
Program Criteria
New Supply Order
Indicate the number of items to be delivered.
Pick-up Request
Indicate the number of items to be picked-up. Minimum required 4 items. If you do not meet min, pick-up will not be scheduled.
Please provide us any additional requests, comments or questions: