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Information for the Pharmacist

The Alberta's Pharmacists’ Association recognizes the important relationship between Albertans’ health and the environment. The ENVIRx program aims to divert leftover and/or unused medications form landfill and sewers as well as to ensure safe and effective collection and disposal. For more information call the RxA at (780) 990-0326.

To schedule an ENVIRx pick-up, contact G-M Pearson at 1-800-563-9566 (minimum - 2 full pails)

Rules of the ENVIRx Program are also available for reading.

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Note: Any of the following items that are unused, expired, in questionable condition, or missing labels

  • All Prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications, oral dosage
  • Natural health products, oral dosage

Not Accepted

Please check with your pharmacist or household hazardous waste events for other products

  • Sharps, needles or syringes
  • Cosmetics
  • Empty pill bottles