Health Products Stewardship Association

Brand Owners

Currently HPSA has approximately 160 members who are brand-owners of prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, natural health products and sharps devices that are supporting stewardship programs in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario. Member List


Membership Agreement

HPSA has developed stewardship program plans for medications and sharps devices. When required by regulations these plans are provided to the Ministry of Environment on behalf of industries for approval. HPSA will also submit all reporting requirements covering program performance and additional obligations outlined in each specific provincial regulation to the Ministry as required. HPSA will also provide with our reports a list of companies registered with HPSA. If companies register with HPSA by signing the enclosed Membership Agreement and pay their sector share, they engage HPSA to meet their compliance requirements within these Regulations.


Industry Steward Summary: Provides details on provincial programs, fees and who we are.

Contact Information:  Template to ensure that we have the correct information on file.

If you are uncertain of your status as a producer please consult our FAQ for sharps producers and for medication producers.

Administrative Penalties: The British Columbia Ministry of Environment introduced an Administrative Penalty program as authorized under sections 115-117 and 119 of the Environmental Management Act on March 2014. Additional information at; as well as the link to the regulation



The e-news Stewardship Programs bulletin published by HPSA on a quarterly basis to help keep brand-owners informed with respect to recent developments. To subscribe to the e-bulletin and receive a copy via email, fill out the form in the sidebar on the right.