Health Products Stewardship Association


The Medications Return Programs are the safe and easy way to dispose of drugs we all have in our homes. The goal is to encourage the public on their responsibility to safely dispose of unused or expired medications before they are thrown in the garbage or misused by others.

There is no charge for the public to return medications. All costs for the program are covered by the health products industries.

Since 1999,  HPSA’s has managed the BC Medications Return Program on behalf of each member as required under the Recycling Regulation (B.C. Reg. 449/2004) through a stewardship plan filed with the Ministry of Environment. In 2011, the province of Manitoba passed a similar regulation and the Manitoba Medications Return Program was establish.

The Ontario Medications and Sharps Collection Programs are two new stewardship programs launched in 2013, they promote the safe and easy disposal of medications and sharps from the public so that they aren't disposed of in the garbage.

The Island Medications Return Program (IMRP) and Island Sharps Collection Program (ISCP) launch in 2015 with HPSA's members covering the costs associated with the responsible disposal of health products and sharps returned by the public through collection sites.

HPSA also supports its members regarding environmental regulatory issues for post-consumer take-back programs for unwanted medications and used sharps. We serve as a national industry liaison, members' representative and we help to raise public awareness on proper disposal issues. Learn more on who we are in the HPSA Bylaws.