Health Products Stewardship Association


Health Products Stewardship Association is a not-for-profit association  registered with Industry Canada since 2000. HPSA’s mandate is to perform, on behalf of each steward, certain duties required under provincial regulations. HPSA is government by a representative Board of Directors.


What regulations are currently in place?

In 2004, the BC Recycling Regulation, Schedule 2 defined pharmaceuticals products as all unused or expired medications, including natural health products and nonprescription drugs.

In 2011, the Manitoba Household Hazardous Material and Prescribed Material Stewardship Regulation was passed. Industries for pharmaceuticals and natural health products are now responsible for end-of-life management of their products through a Stewardship Program.

In 2012 the Ontario EPA 298/12 was passed October 1st, 2012 on the Environmental Protection Act for producers of pharmaceuticals carrying business in Ontario.

In 2014 the PEI Regulation EC 2014-349: Environmental Protection Act - Materials and Stewardship and Recycling Regulations was passed on June 20th.

For a summary and links to EPR obligations in Canada affecting helaht industries.


Who is required to participate in these programs?

All brand-owners (first importers) who sell regulated products (prescription drugs, over-the-counters drugs and natural health products as well as medical sharps in Ontario and PEI) are required to either have a registered plan or join an Association with an approved plan.


How will HPSA represent me as a brand-owner under these Regulations?

HPSA submitted a Stewardship Program Plan to the Ministry of Environment on behalf of industries. The Director approved the program plan subject to HPSA providing a list of companies registered with HPSA and annual report covering program performance and specific considerations. If brand-owner is a member in good standing with HPSA (valid Membership Agreement and paid their sector share) they are in compliance with the Regulations.

The industry stewards (brand-owners/first importers) are responsible for 100% of the costs for these programs.  The program objective is to divert expired and/or unused health products from landfills and sewers, as well as to ensure safe and effective collection and disposal.